Dr. Sarah Alam Malik

I’m a particle physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN as a member of the CMS experiment. My research interests vary widely and range from:

  • Quantum computing and machine learning – Leveraging the unique capabilities of quantum computers and machine learning for particle physics and beyond.
  • Dark Matter experiment and phenomenology – Searching for the experimental signatures of dark matter particles at the LHC and proposing theoretical models of simplified dark matter scenarios.
  • Precision physics – Measuring theoretically well predicted quantities to unprecedented precision at hadron colliders like the Tevatron and LHC.

Quantum Computing
Credits: IBM

Quantum computing is poised to be THE technology of the 21st century. What impact will it have in tackling the most challenging problems in particle physics? Read more

Dark Matter
Bullet cluster

Dark matter accounts for 1/4 of the matter-energy content of the Universe. Yet, it remains elusive. What is the nature of dark matter and how does it interact with us? Read more

Precision Physics

Precision measurements can shed light on exotic new physics and validate our most successful theoretical model, the Standard Model. Can we break the Standard Model? Read more

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Research group
PhD students
  • Mohammad Hassanshahi (University College London): Quantum-enhanced machine learning for galaxy classification